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Summer Reading: Fifth & Sixth Grades

a list of books for ages 2 through 14.

Fifth Grade Summer Reading

Make sure reading is a part of your summer! Please read at least four chapter books (at least one hundred pages each). Many of you will probably read a lot more books than this, and we hope that that is the case! Choose your books from at least three different genres from the following list: realistic fiction, science fiction, mystery, humor, adventure, fantasy, sports, and historical fiction. 

Fifth Grade Summer Reading List

Sixth Grade Summer Reading

Please read The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin and be ready to discuss this wonderful tale of heroism, treachery, and defeat when you return in the Fall. Feel free to mark up the text with thoughts, questions, observations, and wonderings!

In addition, choose two titles from the books listed below to complete your summer reading assignment. You will need to read at least one history and one science selection, for a total of three summer books minimum. Of course, we are hoping that you read MUCH more than you are required, and you should feel free to read any historical fiction book that you come across yourself. You can count these books towards the STS Summer Reading Challenge as well!

Sixth Grade Summer Reading List